“Light Elephant” is a collaborative project by Iman Djouini and Jonathan Taube. The project features a 16ft white inflatable elephant that travels to specific locations where it is documented through digital images that are later distributed through print and social media.
This large multi-site project draws from the idiom “the elephant in the room” and the implications of what this might be to people sharing a space. The art work does not direct to the viewer what “the elephant in the room is” rather it asks the viewer to consider themselves in the situational context, to identify that subject which is avoided. This work was conceived in Baltimore City as an initial stage for “the elephant in the room” following the uprisings prompted by the death of Freddie Gray. 
This project was initially made in relationship with Baltimore City neighborhood association of The Coldstream Homestead Montebello community who helped  to pick initial locations throughout Baltimore city. In these locations images were captured and distributed to call attention to the “the elephant in the room”. 
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